Pixel Ruler - a useful tool for web design

Pixel Ruler - verticalblank Dear visitors, this page was made in 1999 and is now pretty obsolete. A much more powerful version of Pixel Ruler can be found at Mioplanet.


Dear webmasters,
this little tool can help you with webpage design. If you:
  • are designing complex tables
  • want to see how your text will match with graphics
  • want to know how big the text gets with different fonts and sizes
  • etc.
then Pixel Ruler can help you. Just stick it temporarily to your page next to your object of interest, measure it and then remove it. The ruler size is 800x43 pixels and the scale is right on it. Please do not link to the images on my pages - download them to your own machine.


can help you indent various elements of your webpage any distance you wish. It is a transparent GIF image of 1x1 pixel 'natural' dimensions. In your webpage, you can set its height and width to whatever number you wish, without increasing its file size. For example, I have used it with 1 pixel height and 20 pixels width to put a space between the vertical ruler and this text. Another version, 30x30 pixels is below for you to download it (I have put a frame around it so that you can find it).



Filename      Dimensions File size
ruler.gif     800x43     3Kb
rulevert.gif  43x800     3Kb
blank.gif     1x1        ~0Kb

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